2021 reviews
2021 reviews


I first contacted Caroline in May 2019 looking for 2 male Siberian kittens after over 10 years of loving the breed, silver Siberians in particular, but being unable to own cats due to my living situation.

Caroline was immediately responsive, very informative and very happy to help with any questions and queries I had which was a massive help as I have never permanently owned cats before. She told me about her extensive history of breeding Siberians and I could see from her social media pages numerous ‘Graduate’ kittens from her previous litters with owners who were over the moon with their babies. 

Caroline kept me updated regularly with lots of beautiful pictures and videos of the boys, and we watched them grow and waited impatiently for the day we could take them home!

During the 3 months that we waited for our boys to be ready to come home with us, Caroline invited and welcomed us 4 times into her home so we could see them, play with them, meet her and ask any questions we had. We were also introduced to the parents of the boys, and the other sires and dams who were all of brilliant temperament and stunning appearance.

Caroline was so very friendly and helpful every time we saw her which made so much difference and only increased our excitement.

We took our boys (Beans and Blue) home at the start of September 2019 and they have already brought us so much joy, it’s impossible to say. Both have excellent temperaments, very different, endearing and charming personalities but both are consistently loving, intelligent and caring little boys. They’re both exceptionally well behaved, toilet trained to perfection and have yet to destroy or damage any of my furniture which I was told by other cat owners was inevitable! They are both very accepting of guests, friendly and confident.

Yiwei Wang
Absolutely amazing breeder! I was completely stunned when I got this baby, can’t believe a cat can be this nice!!! Totally transformed from a dog person to a cat person ? even my parents are in crazy love with him, and definitely going to have another one! ❤️

December 2020 review 

claire ellis
Hi! I highly recommend Caroline Anne. I’ve had 3 of her babies and never been disappointed. I did take a risk and not meet her or the kits before as she’s so far away, but I went back to her 2 times after my first baby. She’s an excellent and responsible breeder. So helpful and informative, always available to chat. I can’t recommend her highly enough! X
Also, I’m not far from London so if you want to meet some of her babies we would be happy to have you for tea and cake! (Lockdown permitting of course!



Fionnuala Moran1
fantastic breeders?
I bought juniper home just before NYE and she’s so much a part of our family.
Caroline was fantastic, lovely to meet her and all the human/animal family that I did.
juniper had no trouble settling in at home and we can’t imagine life without her now. she especially loves her mouse toys, and interacting by playing fetch with them, or just chasing them in her own. She’s happy, healthy, pesky, noisy and attention seeking and beautiful… we love her and can’t wait to show her off in person to visitors when we can!
I don’t hesitate to recommend emerald Kingdom breeders to anyone wanting the friendliest cat ever ??
EM Yemrej
Silver Siberian’s By EK
Wonderful breeder, bought my gorgeous Tabz from Olivia she couldn’t have been more helpful, talked me through everything, checked in during the first few weeks. Beautiful and friendly cats, so well socialised and well natured. I couldn’t be happier! Would definitely recommend and buy from again!
Harriet Home-ed
Amazing cattery can’t recommend them enough and we ourselves our breeders! we aspire to be at the standard of emerald kingdom, Their 14 years expertise and knowledge on the breed is bar none!
Our very own Nova has been breed by emerald kingdom and we can’t thank them enough for trusting us with her care, she is a real treasure! Xx