We have both traditional and colour point lines /Neva Masquerades . We have a large gene pool for diversity. So we can accommodate to owners requests if this is something you would like. All are deemed to be colour only by GCCF all are 100% Siberian. If you are unsure please check out GCCF website, […]


It is important to always keep on top of worming and flee treatment, your cat wont show signs of worming infestation till it becomes bad and serious. Your  kitten will come  with up to date in flee and wormer and we provide in your kitten pack another months wormer and probitotic, so that you dont […]

What shapes a kittens personality and how we raise ours.

Firstly a kitten should suit ALL types of homes, if they do not, they have not been socialised correctly with the breeder. If a breeder says they select homes to suit the family’s, this often means they have unsociable/timid kittens not always, can be other reasons, but  can mean  to  why this is that case. […]

Importance of insurance

There’s no NHS for pets! If your four-legged family member falls ill, has an accident or develops a lifetime condition, the cost of their care is down to you. Unless they have lifetime pet insurance. Unlike other policies, lifetime cover is there for your pet, for life. So, should they need veterinary treatment, we’ll take […]

importance of health testing

Health tested can mean ANYTHING… from just a PCR panel test done to a medium health tested breeder or a heavily health tested breeder and many breeders  do none at all. It is worth finding out a breeders definition of what health tested means to whether it has any relevance.  We test yearly  however up to every […]

How a Siberian eye colour changes.

All Siberian eyes are born blue, only NEVA MASQUERADE will stay blue. Siberian eye colour can take years to fully develop  and change, but you should see there true colour at age one. Neva’s colour also changes tone  and they also take time to develop in to the beautiful  sapphire  blue. Traditional colour Siberians who […]


We offer Stud services with our NEVA MASQUERADE. JAY is duel registered with GCCF AND TICA He is a proven stud. He is fully health tested, please see our health testing FAQ for details. HCM SCANNED We have facilities, to ensure your cat will only come in to contact with our male, no other cat. […]


Alfalfa Almond (Pits of) Alocasia Aloe Amaryllis American Bittersweet American Yew Andromeda Japonica Apple (seeds)  Apple Leaf Croton Apricot (Pits of)  Arrowgrass Asian Lily (Liliaceae)  Asparagus Fern Australian Nut Autumn Crocus Avocado (fuit and pit)  Azalea Baby’s Breath Bamboo * (Dracaena sanderiana)  Baneberry Bayonet Beargrass  Beech Belladonna Bird of Paradise Bittersweet Black Locust Black-eyed Susan […]

What we feed and what we recommend a owner to

See our Allergies food pro plan live clear  FAQ . See the importance of a good diet in our FAQ Cats are obligate carnivores so what is it that I should feed my kitten? Firstly we understand not everyone agrees with raw meat, there for our kittens are fed 3 times commercial a day and […]

Dangers in the home

Dangers There are a lot of things in your house that are unsafe for your kitten such as poisonous/toxic plants, electrical wires, plastic, tinsels, the washer and dryer (yes they will climb in those for a nap!), cleaners, rubber bands, and a whole other array of things. Swallowing and digestion If your cat plays with […]