Do you allow breeding?

Absolutely not.

Our kittens will come with restrictions placed on the  pedigree and in the kitten contract  that they are on the non active register .

We have a professional  legal UK drawn contract up to date coming out of the EU against such issues, with clauses of compensation of £10,000 for unauthoirsed breeding.

If an owner collects or uses our delivery service we ask for proof of address and identification alongside the signed contract. 

Why do we not allow breeding?

We believe in ethical breeding practices only. 

We as a cattery have lines  specialists to us in the UK.  

We can spot our kittens in any breedings as we have a type and look in our cats and kittens. We weekly check pets 4 homes /gumtree and free ads online and Siberian facebook sites. We are admin to a main Siberian group on facebook also.

Some will ask, can we just have one litter?     please do not ask as we will not adopt to you. 

From our standpoint is it illegal and unethical but also to us it is detrimental to our breeding program.  We would not hesitate to act legally if we found our breeding lines  were being used  without our consent.

Can we buy a breeding female or male  from you if we pay breeding prices?

We do not set up new breeders. We have in the past and we have mentored many new breeders and continue to do so now. 

But unfortunately  due to time restraints we can not mentor and a mentor is needed for any new breeder.