Yes we offer a delivery service straight to the door.

As we are defra licensed  and fully insured we can travel regardless to covid restrictions in place.

We travel straight to you on a one to one basis.

Cats  or kittens do not come into contact with any animals or in transport for days at a time.

They will not come into contact with other breeds of animals and the risk of infection is 0.

We are responsible for the safe delivery of the kittens not an outside transport company.

Through lock down restrictions were placed that delivery was the only option  no collections were  allowed.

However we can assist on covid safe collections and offer a delivery service.

Although this is our home we are covid aware and follow strictly all covid regulations and safety precautions.

We will wear a mask at all times  and keep 2 metres apart if restrictions permit or if you want us to even if restrictions loosen. 

Please just let us know of your preferences. 

We offer cash on delivery  if you are concerned about being scammed paying upfront.

Price will be from £100-£300 depending on postcodes.

We do not travel outside of the UK however we can take to airports to help with travel.


Please purchase a carry case from our shop or  please supply own to us before travel . 

Must be a hard top carry case with water  feature .

We can not come  now because of covid with our own carriers and to reduce  transfer of potential covid 19. 

The carry cases we sell are the best on the market tried and   tested with our cats daily  and all we use for transporting  abroad, vet trips and around the UK. We wouldn’t recommend a product we do not use ourselves .