There are a lot of things in your house that are unsafe for your kitten such as poisonous/toxic plants, electrical wires, plastic, tinsels, the washer and dryer (yes they will climb in those for a nap!), cleaners, rubber bands, and a whole other array of things.

Swallowing and digestion

If your cat plays with these things and accidentally swallows anything, you may find yourself at the emergency vet for surgery due to blockage or poisoning. You easily can tell if your cat may have ingested something it was not supposed to. Something poisonous will often cause foaming at the mouth, vomiting and lethargy. A blockage is often recognised by lack of appetite, dehydration (white gums, they should be pink), lethargy and sudden weight loss. If you see any of these symptoms, take your cat to a vet immediately. Do not wait until the next day when it can be too late.


One death trap that many never really think about are recliners. Kittens and cats love to climb into recliners, if you use your recliner you should always check it before you close it at all times .If you have a recliner, please consider replacing this, putting it in another (cat free) room or not use it. The consequences of carelessly using your recliner could be fatal.

Cat proofing your house

Make sure you prepare your house the way you would for a new baby. Kitten proofing your house is so important as cats get into things and places that you’d never even dream off. Make sure no poisonous plants are around, that vents are secure, that no loose small things a cat can chew on lays around, no small children’s toys such as lego blocks, protect your wires with cord protectors, cords on blinds must be tied up out of reach. Making sure your home is safe for your kitten will give you peace of mind while they are playing and exploring.