Yes we do!

Price on POA

We have safe isolation rooms  with veterinary flooring and high hygiene routines and your females will be in the best loving hands.

Your female will not come into contact with any other cats or shared litter trays.

ONLY the stud.

He is fully health tested – see our health testing FAQ.

Proven stud. (NEVA STUD ONLY) we do not stud out our silver or brown tabby .

We offer a free second mate if your female didn’t take.

Our stud is duel registered with GCCF and TICA.

Half price second mate if your female only had one kitten ( price of market day value at the time of stud)

We require a snap test and pcr panel test before coming in to stud.

We give copy documentation of our snap test, pcr and health testing documentation.

(we can help you do the snap test and PCR if you do not know what to do).

We will offer support if you are a new time breeder.

We only offer stud services to breeders with active status .

We have restrictions that kittens must be sold for pet only – no breeding or setting up new breeders .

Will come with an enforceable legal UK drawn solicitor  contract for compensation if this is broken or terms of the stud is not followed . 

Will also be prohibited to copy right  our contract for own business  and compensation clause in place for copy right or similarities .

You can hold back any females to expand for your own breeding program if you wish and this is a great way to expand your  own breeding program with out the issues and finances of owning  a male and to add new lines straight away  with many other benefits. 

We will price match also on the service  at our own discretion .

However must have the same standard pedigree  and cat quality and health testing we do  and  the same long standing reputation for us to price match . 

As who you use for stud will affect your kitten prices and kitten quality among many other benefits of using a excellent stud .

We can also collect and drop back off via our delivery service (see our delivery service FAQ).