Do we sell for breeding ?

We have sold for breeding many of times to breeders in the UK.

We are more than happy to help ethical, established breeders with certain lines of ours, including stud services.

However we do not set up new time breeders.

Unfortunately to set up a new breeder, we have to mentor.

Currently we are already mentoring and due to time restraints unable to, at this point in time with anyone eles.

Many of our lines are specialist to us,  and we will not allow certain lines to go for breeding.

That said, if you are already  a new time breeder, and would like some advice, i am more than happy to help if i have free time.

If we as a cattery set up  a new cattery, we are just as reasonable  as the new cattery  to make sure everything is done ethically. So there for, for our reputation we do not take such risks.

We do not export.

Many owners will ask can i just have one litter ?

The answer is no, we are all about health testing, registered breeding practices .

Unfortunately, we would never support back door breeding practices or half way practices .

We are very strict on this , with a legal consumer law contract for unregistered breeding and stud services with a £10.000 penalty.

Many will think what is the harm, but it has devastating  results for the breed as a whole and animal welfare, as though owners may have the right intentions many will not, and over all it  contributes to animals been exploited.