Nail Clipping

Nails need to be trimmed on a regular basis. A nail trimmer will be needed. A firm hold with reassurance is best, doing this regularly will help your cat/kitten get used to this. It is important to only trim the ends where its white, where the nail is pink is where the blood flow is. 

If you have a hard time trimming your cat’s nails, then go to your vet and ask if they will demonstrate to you how to do it. We clip our kitten’s nails on a regular basis so they are all used to it. Practice makes perfect! 


Because of their naturally oily coat, siberians do not require a whole lot of grooming.  I recommend a slicker brush, a greyhound comb and a soft brush for grooming a siberian. Cats love to be brushed with a soft bristle brush, and love gentle strokes from head to back.  A slicker brush is a good to brush through the coat and get rid of little mats. Don’t push too hard using this brush, short somewhat firm strokes are best. A greyhound comb is a metal comb that has two kinds of teeth, wider spaced and closer spaced ones. This is our main grooming tool. This is especially helpful when you have to groom on the belly, under “armpits” and if they have something stuck under their tail. You can find these grooming items or similar ones at your local pet store. Don’t comb your cat’s tail, it rarely needs grooming , if it does use a soft bristle brush.