Siberians need time sometimes years.


Some lines are fast developing, some are slow, meaning some take longer to grow, and for the coat length to fully develop/come in, but all cats will change and mature .

Just because a kitten  has no coat as a kitten does not mean they wont grow these amazing long coats and manes!!! ( guard hairs will be visible ( TIP )

All kittens go through a geeky stage, this is normal. We have a few names for this stage ( rapter stage )

Just like humans do change, like our teenager stage, so do animals .

Sometimes you have to have an imagination to what they will be like as adults.

This is why choosing a breeder that knows the pedigrees and lines is important, because they change, sooooo sooo much, and as we said not all cats and breeders have longer coat cats.

Not all Siberians have medium to long coats , so if this is your desired adult kitten, its important you choose the parents and breeder carefully, as some cats will have short coats and wont change in coat length even with time.

We actively choose cats with longer coats for our breeding program .

The below photos are a great example of not to panic,  and to keep kitten expectations real.

So never panic with us , time is all that is needed.

Patience is key.

Siberians grow and change till age 5.

All our cats have medium to long coats .

So we know our cats will bloom , if they haven’t already, and this is the same for our kittens.

Alot of our kittens are born fluff bombs also, so  it again is all line depending and individual to that breeding.

Siberians coats change  by the weather ( summer and winter) also.

They shed ! so this will play  a part in the timing of when your kitten will start to bloom.

A Siberian cat needs to feel the weather change to grow the longer, mane coats. This is the same for any breed of animal.

So depending on when your kitten is born , will depend on the year your kitten starts to grow the mane ( summer/winter)

Here are some photos of how a cat can change – in order of age.

Siberians change in the face, they mature.

Muzzles take time to grow/widen, including eye colour to change.

Everything basically about your kitten will likely change and develop.

So patience is key.

Hope you enjoy the process development photos as an example

Time line 2 weeks -4 months one year and 2 to now 4