All Siberian eyes are born blue, only NEVA MASQUERADE will stay blue.

Siberian eye colour can take years to fully develop  and change, but you should see there true colour at age one.

Neva’s colour also changes tone  and they also take time to develop in to the beautiful  sapphire  blue.

Traditional colour Siberians who have Emerald green eyes or amber change ALOT from there new born colour blue.

Emerald green can take some time to develop and can appear often amber even brown ( brown is not a colour) but they can appear this colour whilst they are transistorising over, and this also apply s  the colour amber.

The same as coat and type, the eyes are the same this changes and only  time  this will change.

Only Neva can have blue eyes if a traditional colour has blue they have been 100% mix bred.

Examples of how a Siberian eye changes ( no filters) MAX AT AGE ONE.

To him as a kitten ( no filters) 4 months in the photo.