Helpful tips for a pet owner with photos.

See our FAQ on how a Siberian changes in age.u

Siberians change,  as you will see in the additional FAQ, this post is to  give example how quality can most certainly  differ, and how they should not resemble .

While considered a semi-longhair, the Siberian’s coat varies with the season. In the winter, it will have a thick, rich, full, triple coat that would have protected it from the elements in its native Russia. In the summer, they shed the heavy winter coat for a shorter, less dense coat. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, including pointed, with deep intense colours and rich patterns that make them a dramatic stand out from the everyday cat.

The Siberian is a medium, strong cat with heavy boning and a powerful musculature that takes up to 5 years to reach full maturity. They have rounded contours to the body resembling a barrel and rounded, gentle contours to the modified wedge head. Their large eyes are almost, but not quite, round and will appear rounder when the cat is alert or startled. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs giving them the powerful lift they need to get to those high places they just have to reach! The overall impression of the mature Siberian is one of the balance, circles and roundness.

Just like in any animal breed there are better standards than others, this is the same for the Siberian .

Some examples on how to identify a Siberian kitten.

It is important  to always learn the standard your self as a owner, because all kittens look cute, but they will change! just because a breeder had nice cats 5 years ago does not mean that is what you are going to get now, every line is different .

All photos of the domestic are beautiful in there own right, i am only using them as an example to how they are different to a Siberian .

Rounded wedge head


guard hairs,  guard hairs is a BIG give away to coat length and to weather they are Siberian.   If a Siberian cat is lacking guard hairs or none at all i would question the pedigree /parents as this is a big red flag.

Lynx tips, although not all will have this, it is common with our cats and kittens and is a desired trait. They can grow these with age also, so can be just time that is needed.

Ear hair 


Snow tuffs,  lots of kittens and adults have fur on the bean pads  ( not all will  and this is not wrong if they do not ) however it is an instinctive/ desired trait for Siberians.

Now here are some examples of how Siberians should not look, these are domestic cats , as beautiful  as they are in there own right, this is a red flag if your Siberian even remotely resemble one .

This can be through poor king or queen if the breeder is legitimate and respected/ mixed pedigree or it is a scam .

REMEMBER YOU CAN GET SMOKE,SILVER BROWN ETC,  YOU CAN GET ANY COLOUR DOMESTIC CAT.  So do not go by colour  to determine if your Siberian is good quality or Siberian .

– If   Siberians are  looking like this from 4 weeks of age.  THIS IS A BIG RED FAG.  This is ether not a good quality Siberian, or it has domestic lines . Unfortunately we do see this regularly now, and many are scams also.

Another example is smoke,  colour can blind owners in thinking it is an amazing cat but analyse the photo,   are there guard hairs as a kitten?.

Because here are some examples of fully grown adults .

A domestic on the left,  to a adult Siberian  one year just turned old, that is a good example    the Siberian cat  as a kitten 3 months


Poor breeding ( king and queen) can result in your adult looking like the photo examples. Remember  all kittens look cute, but they will change !


  A adult  brown domestic, to a Siberian  both only one years old.World Champion Pedigree Traditional Brown Tabby King from RussiaWorld Champion Pedigree Traditional Brown Tabby King from RussiaWorld Champion Pedigree Traditional Brown Tabby King from Russia


This male still will massively mature till age 5, as he is  still only  a baby.



                7 weeks domestic kittens to a 7 week old Siberian                             


Colour point example – this is a bad example, to a good example .

Siberians should have medium to long hair ( they are semi long hair cats) however not all lines and cats do .

Ask your breeder if the Siberian has medium to a long coat if this is your desired adult kittens look/coat.



Colours that do not exist in Siberians is the CHOCOLATE AND LILAC.

Only colour point cats can have Blue eyes .

If a cat has any of these traits, it is not a Siberian and or it has been out crossed.  There are no if or buts about it, these colours do not exist. Siberians are prohibited to be out crossed by governing bodys . So if a breeder has these colours they can not be registered and it is against the rules and regulations, and again a big red flag.

You can however get odd colour Siberians, it can be a natural mutation.  It is common in white Siberians, and some desire this and this is normal and natural, and nothing to be concerned about .

Another common red flag ,  is a grey Siberian.  Owners often use this term  as frankly they do look this colour,  but breeders never would, this rings big alarm bells on describing the kitten colouring , that it is a scam or  a very uninformed  and in experienced breeder.

Colouring is basic information a  Siberian breeder should know,  So if adds are describing kittens in the wrong codes as above . RED FLAG.


The silver Siberian can be  one of the hardest colours to breed  and to  have  the semi longer coat cats in, they are gold dust to get it all spot on.  Lots of silvers can be tarnished or with poor coats,  many unfortunately  would be classed as short coat. This is because  there  has been less of this colour in the gene pool for a breeder to work with over the years, and coat length is not always at the forefront.There are many things to consider on choosing a king or queen.

This can can be said for additional colours also . This is why, although it is temping to be drawn to just a colour, its important you choose a pedigree or choose a breeder you trust.  Other wise when your Siberian grows up, yes it will be a nice colour, but will it be recognisable to a Siberian ? Not always.  No body wants a cat which does not resemble a Siberian after paying thousands .

Its a package deal.