A breeder should always choose a breeding queen or king on the health and type FIRST.

Siberian  cat standards can  fluctuate including health standards .

We are a traditional and colour point breeder ( Neva masquerade).

**Read up on  our health tested FAQ section**

A good pedigree plays a huge part in the kitten you are going to receive .  Just having good parents is not enough  in any way shape or form.

Read our diet FAQ also.

The cats behind the pedigree play a huge part more than many will realise .

It’s important a breeder know’s the cats within a pedigree before choosing one .

Are show winning lines important ?


Show winning cats means that they have been extensively assessed  by many judges  to be excellent type Siberians . 

Showing is the critical aspect to know the breed standard in any breed and to breed any animal.

How can a breeder know the type of cats they have if they are not regularly assessing them by the best professionals in the country?. 

And it is the whole point of breeding is to help better the breed and to do this showing is a big factor.

Are Neva masquerade really Siberians ?

YES of coarse, 1000%

Both are as hypoallergenic , by fact as each other,  we test the allergen levels to know this.

This  is factual  information and  colour points are deemed to be a colour only by GCCF.

GCCF is the authority of the majority UK breeders.

Find the article online on the GCCF .