There’s no NHS for pets!

If your four-legged family member falls ill, has an accident or develops a lifetime condition, the cost of their care is down to you.

Unless they have lifetime pet insurance.

Unlike other policies, lifetime cover is there for your pet, for life. So, should they need veterinary treatment, we’ll take care of the cost, and you can be there for them.

We require that, in contract  ,all our kitten owners take insurance for one year lifetime .

As a breeder we do our utmost to breed healthy kittens  by being a heavily health tested cattery. We provide as much information as possible about dangers outside and inside the home. However accidents and illness can occur . Just like humans they can get ill . We provide 5 weeks free insurance to start an owner off .

Illness  can accrue in all animals whether it is dogs.. Cats.. rabbits happen a lot more than most will realise. Every  animal at some point just like humans will come under the weather. 

We ensure our kittens have two  – three health checks and a FULL clean health history to obtain full insurance without any health voids on the insurance.

We do not cover any vet bill costs or refunds .

However we do have inplace a independent vet check with in 48 hours clause in contract to receive a  FULL refund or exchange . T.C in contract. This is only for hereditary and genetic issues detected.

The worst place to catch bugs is the Vets ! so a good tip is to ask the vet to wash the benches down twice ! We as a breeder always do this and make sure our hygiene is top notch .

A breeder and owner  can not see into the future so therefore we make it a mandatory lifetime  health insurance is continued for one year    to protect each party from any unforeseen curcumataces and vet bills which includes the purchase price of the kitten if the worst  were to happen  to be fully compensated by the insurance company.

Within the first year of a kitten’s life  the immune system is  still immature and fragile just like their outer shell . Even stress from  a new home can cause illness.

Stress is one of the biggest aspects  to affect a kitten on moving to  a new home which is completely normal and to be expected, however not often but sometimes kittens through stress may decide not to eat or drink.  This may not seem like a big deal but it is  for kittens  they  can become seriously unwell very quickly and vet assistance is required. 

We have over time had other examples of kittens chewing or eating things in the new owners home such as flowers  and needed vet assistance. 

Or fighting with brothers or sisters and the eyes being scratched by rough playing .

Another example falling off or jumping off high cat trees and injuring paws  even jumping down the stairs.

These are just some of the unforeseen problems which can accrue and with insurance it takes out the big worry and financial stress and you will have access to the best vets in the UK and treatments .

We provide and recommend agria .. however we also recommend petplan lifetime. 

Why is Pet Insurance Important?

Most pet insurance companies will have different plans to meet your needs and budget.  Some policies cover wellness as well as accidents and illnesses, and some plans only include accidents or illnesses. Still, you have to pay for routine vaccines, heartworm and flea, and tick prevention.  The more that your pet insurance plan usually covers, the higher the amount you pay each month.

Veterinary care has increased in cost over the past few years due to the more available diagnostic testing and more advanced surgeries that can be performed.  In the past, there was a very limited amount of testing and procedures that could have been done.  When your pet was sick, all your veterinarian could do is to give your medication and hope that your dog got better.  Now with the advances in veterinary medicine, the specialized care, and medical procedures, your dog can sometimes receive even better than what people receive. Dogs can now have brain surgery and chemotherapy, just like people.  

What are the Benefits of Pet Insurance?

Many people already have health insurance plans for themselves.  When looking at health insurance for your pets, there are many great reasons to have pet health insurance.  These are the most common reasons that people have health insurance for their pets.  

#1 Pet insurance saves you money.  

When your pet is sick, you can use their health insurance plan to save you money.  Depending on what company you have a plan with, there is usually a small deductible that you have to meet.  After meeting this deductible, the insurance plan will then pick up a certain percentage of the vet bill, and you will pay the rest.    

#2 Pet insurance allows you to focus on your pet’s health.

By having pet insurance, you can focus more on the health of your pet and less on the cost of veterinary care.  You will be able to afford your dog to have the costly surgery that they need instead of worry about where you are going to get the money to pay for the procedure.  

#3 Pet insurance increases your options for treatment.

Pet insurance will allow you to be able to choose and afford many different options.  You will be able to provide life-saving surgeries or chemotherapy.  Without insurance, these will cost you thousands of pounds or may not even be affordable.   

#4 Pet Insurance saves you money on expensive treatments.  

When your pet is hospitalized, the insurance company will help cover the cost of the vet stay and any testing that is needed.  

#5 Pet insurance allows you to be able to pick your vet.  

Unlike human health insurance that requires you to see specific doctors, pet insurance gives you the freedom to chose what doctor you want to treat your pet.  You also do not need a referral from a doctor to see a specialist.  This is very beneficial for after-hour and holidays, as the specialty hospitals are the only ones open during this time.   

#6 Pet insurance is obtainable for all pets.

Even if your pet is older, you can still get coverage for them at affordable rates.  Pet insurance companies do not discriminate against different breeds or the age of your pet.   

#7 Pet insurance gives you peace of mind.  

By having pet insurance, you are providing yourself with peace of mind that if anything does happen to your pet, you can afford to take care of them. Many pet insurance policies will reimburse about 80% of the cost after you meet the deductibles. 

#8 Pet insurance helps budget the cost of pet care.  

When you pay for your pet insurance, you are helping spread the cost of pet care out over a few months rather than having to find a large sum of money in an emergency situation.

#9 Pet insurance keeps you from using your savings.  

When events happen, you do not have to drain your savings account to pay for your pet’s care.  Some people will try to have a savings account designated for their pets but will frequently use that money to pay for unexpected major expenses such as car repair with money meant for pet care.

#10 Pet insurance gives you the freedom to pick your plan.  

Most pet insurance companies will offer different types of policies.  Some of these just cover major medical expenses, and others will cover ALL VET VISITS   

Lifetime pet insurance

Unlike other policies, lifetime cover is there for your pet, for life. So, should they need veterinary treatment, we’ll take care of the cost, and you can be there for them.