Each pack may differ if we have a demand issue at any given point .

We provide a royal canin voucher to get the FREE  starter kit .

Voucher for an additional bag of royal canin   food for £36.

We  have choose to do our packs  completely   food based rather than toy based.

This is because  food on going to a new home is the biggest challenge for a owner generally speaking , and we want  to make sure you are prepared with the necessities, Over the years owners have told us at how much they have appreciated a good food kitten pack, rather than toys, as owners like to buy these themselves  anyways, and is half the fun for a owner buying toys .

We do sometimes complement them with toys also, but this is our main focus on how we design our packs.

We provide samples of a range of different food  we use including litter.

The only type we can not provide samples of is the RAW,  but please see the food FAQ if you want to go down this route also..

Inside our kitten packs we have taken a photo of your new addition, and  we have got it  professionally printed so you have a keep safe from us, as a thank you for choosiness us.

We provide one months Free wormer ( panicure ) inside our packs .

The kitten packs come in  a cat printed  bag  for during the year, and at Christmas time we use  Christmas sacks to be seasonal fitting.

We try to keep it as magical  and special as we can, as we know how exciting it is to get a new addition.

Please let us know if you have children,  so that we can accommodate  if  it is a a surprise, let us know  if you would like  any additional  things to be added to complement  our packs, or in arranging the surprise.