Our facilities/Set up

READ THE PROCESS IN THE  FAQ ABOUT THE ADOPTION FULL PROCESS. ( click  once down on the about us to find the drop down in the FAQ section) if you click twice this will bring you to about us instead.


We will have available kittens from 10 weeks to 6 months as a estimate.

We are Emerald kingdom Siberians by winter and silver Siberians by EK.

We are silver Siberians on face book.

Please be careful of cattery’s with  names close to ours.

This is not us, we have been around since 2007.

Owners are  often mixing us up with a new  cattery as they have a very close name to us.  PLEASE CHECK YOU ARE FINDING THE CORRECT FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM AND CONTACT DETAILS FOR US, we have  NO association with this cattery.

Waiting list 

£100 to join or a free interest list. (this is refundable on the kitten price, or if our original quote changed) 

We will also refund this waiting list deposit, if with in 12 months you were not offered a kitten for any given reason.

Please note that the  price is only set when contracts are exchanged and a kitten deposit taken, not prior.  

Waiting list deposit are NOT a kitten deposit.

We will quote you a price upon joining however it is market day value at the time you are offered a kitten.

We offer home sittings and Fur samples to everyone even if you are not adopting from us ( shop)

Please only join if you are happy to wait 6 months on average .

Please tell us  the below in in your email.


Sex of the kitten 

Colour of the kitten

Home environment


Other pets

Show /pet

Please email only for new enquires . 

Please do call if it is important, we will answer the same day.

Not everyone will be approved, we will vet a owner. There will be no discrimination but we will choose the best possible homes for our kittens.


WE HAVE BREEDING RESTRICTIONS AND STUD RESTRICTIONS IN CONTRACT WITH COMPENSATION CLAUSE OF £10.000 for breaking the legal consumer law contract for unregistered breeding .

Please let us know if you want to attend shows, or if you would like to have the option to, so we can accommodate.

We will on taking you on our interest list/paid list, try our upmost to offer you a kitten with in 6 months .

However like any list paid or free, there are no guarantees as no one has a crystal ball for litter size numbers etc.

Please  let us ASAP if you have a change of circumstances, so that we can allow others on to our interest list. Our free list will only work if genuine owners join. Otherwise it will change again to a paid list or complete paid list.

We have ran paid lists for 15 years successfully, so we are asking that you only join if you can wait and 100% happy with us.

To stop any misunderstandings kittens are only secured once a deposited is taken not prior . (kitten deposit, not waiting list deposit)

We reserve the right at any given time, to remove kittens from adoption and not all litters will be able to our list as some will be tested litters for FELD1 and FELD4.

We will have all colours available not just silver.

Although, we specialise in silver. We have all colours available at different points in the year.


The only colour we will not have in 2021 is smoke kittens.




Solid white


Neva masquerade 

We have designed a website to answer all  the questions we feel you may need to know/prepare, whilst you wait for a response .

It may take us up to 14 days to answer NEW enquires but we will respond.

We  have GSD guard dogs on site 24/7 and CCTV in operation in the home and out door, the home is NEVER left unattended .

We are for ID and proof of address before anyone visits.