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second kitten room – professional wet flooring.

Each cat/room has a full plan and veterinary information. Each cat/room has a full plan/ veterinarian information.

And an individual folder with all health records / health testing and all information about the cat.  Our cats are seen yearly at Clevedale  veterinary for health checks/vaccinations. We also have a monthly vet which comes around for health checks .

All documentation is available.

We use professional Hepa air filers in rooms to eliminate virus and Bactria loads .

All photos on this website are of our set up, cats and kittens. NONE ARE GENERIC GOOGLE PHOTOS and photo set ups are new photos of 2021.

We are only a medium sized breeder.

We have a groom room and weighing room- hospital and vet grade flooring.

We have a play room with lots of activities in and play toys, hospital and vet flooring .

We have  three kittens rooms with vet flooring in to keep litters separate till first vaccination.

We use  very large professional birthing pens and kitten pens . We do not use cat carriers as birthing pens .

Each queen has a professional secure set up and then access to ones own room when they grow .

We have three professional heated  outdoor  cat pens, we use these during day times only . This is so cats can enjoy the sun and fresh air and watch the birds etc.

We also have a very large catio for adult cats and older kittens .

None of our cats are left out door over night .

We have 5 star facilities

Although this is our home we have a very large Victorian house and we have converted  the house and all the rooms down stairs  baring the front room and kitchen to cat rooms and upstairs for cat rooms .

We use our front room for cat sittings .

We have fire extinguishes in each room and  have a carrier for each cat for emergency.

We clean litter  brand new every single day, and  we have  one litter tray per kitten, We use anti bacteria litter to keep down virus and bacteria and  to be mindful of FIP, which doing all this massively helps from a breeders side. We also do alot more  to assist with this please see our FAQ for more information.

Our cats have  at least double the councils recommended size area per adult cat .

We use BRAND new vet bedding per litter and we get monthly veterinary professional cleaning product delivery .

We use professional HEPA air filters in each room .

We hope this gives you a insight in to how we raise our cats/kittens and the conditions and our practices .

Please see our FAQS for more information on our HYGIENE/HEALTH TESTING/ABOUT US AND MORE.

Everything we feel you may want to know  is in our FAQ to who you are supporting and adopting from.