We offer Stud services with our NEVA MASQUERADE.

JAY is duel registered with GCCF AND TICA

He is a proven stud.

He is fully health tested, please see our health testing FAQ for details.


We have facilities, to ensure your cat will only come in to contact with our male, no other cat.

We require a Full panel PCR for anyone who comes in to stud / FIV/FELV . ( we can help assist with this,if you do not know how to do this)

We also have done the same, we provide documentation of negative test results.

We offer Stud services, to breeders who are registered, with a prefix.

We have a legal contract for the stud service with conditions.

We offer a FREE second mate if your female did not take.

We also offer a half price mate, if your female only were to have one kitten.

We would ask for proof from TICA/GCCF  if this were to happen .

You can hold back any female for your own breeding program, but not  a male.

You will be required to sell to pet only, no breeding or setting up new time breeders.

You will be required  that kittens are to be  spay or neutered, if you live in a area with vets, that do offer this service .

We are happy to waver this if you have a legal drawn contract,which can be enforceable, to stop unregistered breeding practices.  Hand drawn ones are not acceptable, they must be done via a solicitor .

We can also, give you ours  for a much cheaper option than going to a solicitors, for a  smaller fee as a option .

Going to Stud has many benefits, such as not having the hard work and care of a working male, to introduce new lines with out an additional male and all the costs associated with a male.

Please contact us, if this is something you wish to do.

We will price match/do better, if a breeder has the same health testing/quality/reputation  as we do, this will be at our discretion if we decide to do this. 

See our Health testing section