1. Join our note of interest list
  2. Arrange any allergies sittings prior  ( see option in the FAQ)
  3. Follow us on social media for all updates, group photos  kitten updates and much much more. Let us know if you do not have social media,so we can accommodate in other ways. We have a very high social media profile with Daily updates.
  4. Read our website  to prepare /diet and much much more. Everything we feel you need to know should be in our FAQ section.
  5. Now  all you have to do is wait and dream about your new fur baby, we will offer you a kitten of your colour and sex when we have next availability, we will not  of forgot about you if you do not hear from us prior .
  6. At 10 weeks of age after the kittens have had the first health check from a veterinarian, we will then start to assign to our Note of interest. We will not under any circumstances let anyone option a kitten prior to 10 weeks of age . This is for many reasons  such as a vet check first, show kittens have priority, and not all kittens from a given litter will become available. Please make sure on  contacting us, that you give us your first preference in requests, so we can allocate as best as we can. If you are open on colour and sex timings can be much faster than specifying. However we will always go by your first colour and sex.
  7. Once we have an available kitten of your sex and colour preference you will be contacted by email. You will be sent photos/ videos/ parents and the dob of the kittens and date they can leave. (it is important that you are always ready to take a kitten with in 6 month period on joining us, as it could be anything from 3 weeks joining us or 6 months . If you are offered a kitten and you have booked a holiday, do not panic we  are happy to hold (more information on enquiry).
  8. Once you know your soon to be new  kitten  addition, and you are happy with all the relevant information . We ask you to pay a £300-£500 NON refundable holding deposit. We will only hold for maximum 48 hours before offering the kitten to the next owner.
  9.  We are strict on this policy so please do not  delay. Kittens are not reserved  till a deposit to stop any misunderstandings.
  10. We will in between this send you the contract .
  11. We will then ask you to confirm collection or delivery service ( Defra approved ). We require 7 days minimum  notice  if you change your mind to collect, if you originally booked delivery  and now would like collection. Any changes of days or cancellation will result in a £50 fee added to the kitten price.  This is because it is individual transport and our transporter will miss out on other jobs and takes days off in advance. We are strict on this policy. So please do give us notice for any change .
  12. Kittens leave generally 13-14 weeks but can be up to 16 weeks .  We hold kittens an additional 7 days after second vaccination, which is the rules by GCCF.  No kittens should ever leave at 12 weeks.
  13. Then sit back and wait, we will sort EVERYTHING for you.
  14. All you need to do is collect or wait in for delivery.
  15. Please purchase a carrier from our shop for delivery ( pets at home carrier are cost price – we do not make a profit ) or bring one for collection of your choosing.

We have the facilities to hold for additional times and board services, if the unexpected happened,so that owners do not loose deposits or there kitten.

16. We ask you to complete and send the contract to us via email/post  before or ready on the day of collection or delivery, we wont let the kittens go under any circumstances with out the contracts been completed for both parties.

17. Once a owner has there new addition, we ask for a independent vet check with in 72 hours.  more information in the contact of the T.C, a owner has the opportunity for a full refund if any major health issues are detected, we comply with a owners consumer rights and animal welfare  regulations.

18. We will then be around for lifetime support whilst you enjoy your new addition.

19. We are happy to connect you to owners on Instagram, many have cat accounts and it is a great way to make friends and see our cats and your litter, and our prior litters.


Waiting list deposit are NOT a set kitten price deposit.

Its important to remember there are no guarantees in breeding or litter sizes, so although we will always try our hardest to accommodate,no breeder will have a Crystal ball.

If you were quoted a price on joining us and do not agree you will be immediately refunded if the quote has changed, however going forward we have changed to a free list.

We are professional breeders, but we can have time restraints. So please be mindful of this before joining us. We use social media and the website  for all news and updates/photos.

We will ALWAYS respond but in high kitten season there could be a delay, so please be patient, and we do have children. so emails are  not at the top of our priority. The cats and kittens are .

We pride our self on been open and honest with our sets up, cats and how we run things, and will show you anything you would like to see or know, to know who you are supporting and adopting from.

We have been breeding since 2007 and every owner has always been happy with this process of adoption.