Being able to understand your cats behaviour can allow you to understand their needs on a new level. Most people understand that when a cat purrs that they are happy, however this isnt always the case. Sometimes cats purr in response to stressful situations, such as going to the vets. Similarly when a cats ears are flat back this is meaning they are very angry and should be left alone. Unlike dogs, when cats are wagging their tails it doesn’t mean they are happy it in fact means the opposite. However when a cats tail is in the air they are quite content and comfortable. 

You may find that when you’re wearing comfy clothes like a dressing gown that your cat/ kitten begins to kneed and even suckle. This is because it reminds them of when they were babies suckling on their mum.

When your cat is laid on their back with their tummy exposed, this means that they are comfortable and comfortable in their environment. This position leaves them very exposed and vulnerable therefore being in this position is them showing they trust you. 

When your cat head buts you and rubs their against your legs ect this is them welcoming you.

When your cat is excited they will do a chattering expression. They may do this when looking at birds.