We are DEFRA LICENSED and insured

We can  deliver  all over the UK .

We are able to offer a delivery service to the door .

Individual transport straight to you .

PRICE ON ENQUIRY  postcode depending .

Price is from £100-£300.

We understand, last year and this year the government changed the restrictions,  and only permitting delivery  to registered businesses. Even  hobby breeders  were stuck as they could not allow collection or delivery, due to the guild lines.

They prohibited area to area transport,  and or collection of animals, only delivery by law  by registered HMRC Bushiness.

There for owners have security that if this happens again, we are able to travel to you,  and No deposits would be lost if this were to happen.

Owners use this service 8 times out of 10 for convenience also, and we are happy to accommodate to collection or delivery, what ever suits a owners preference .

Our cats are not exposed to different animals, and or on the road for days at a time like with other transport company’s.

We are responsible for the safe delivery and care.

There are many benefits of this for owners, such as not worrying about driving and caring for the kitten at the same time, as it can be stressful in a car journey for young kittens.

Can be more cost effective to get the delivery service .

So we are happy to accommodate to collection or delivery, and a owner has the security if  there circumstances change or guild-lines change.