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Cats are obligate carnivores so what is it that I should feed my kitten?

Firstly we understand not everyone agrees with raw meat, there for our kittens are fed 3 times commercial a day and one meal raw so there are  NO transitional issues  and you can choose your own kittens diet .

We feed 4 times a day for kittens wet and on demand for dry food .

Adult cats 3 times a day if not pregnant and have no babies if they do its always 4 meals a day .


Our adult cats are on a 100% raw food diet and receive 3 square meals of raw a day.

We also supplement out cats with added fish oil and vitamins and taurine   asides to a good diet to help ours cats immunity and health.

Raw Food

I also use a company called .

There is a lot of information on the web regarding raw food for cats and here are some links;

WE LOVE RAW MEAT! Our cats love it, our number one is the kitten weaning paste – everyone loves it no matter the age and  its a number one favourite. We do buy a lot of other flavours also and all go down a treat !

We are a massive advocate for the importance of a good diet and Raw meat cats condition flourish in every way possible .

We have done both and we visually see a difference  from just using commercial to using raw meat also .

Yes there are down sides to raw,   however our raw is freeze dried so the risk massively  declines for us to worry and we ALWAYS do spot parasite checks on cats including individual  PCR panels on all, so we feel the pros out way the  any cons . FREEZE DIED RAW KILLS NEARLY 99.9% of BACTERIA AND PARASITES .

Many study’s and vets will speak from a stand point of raw which has not been freeze dried,  these are two completely different things, on reaching please make sure you read information associated with freeze died, other wise you will be reading research and negatives from a completely different raw type and wont have the same relevance .

I strongly recommend  that if you would like to consider raw feeding, that you research yourself and are happy with the pros and cons of a raw feed diet. Vets can  a be big advocate or not   some will advise raw meat some will not  so with feeding raw  it really is a very individual choice but freeze died raw most will agree upon but normal raw they will not.

Our vets highly recommend raw .


Always choose complete brands of food as  any complementry do not have all the vitamins needed for a cats day to day function .

Complementary  is the mcdonalds of the world, they love it , but use it as a treat.

We are apart of the royal canin breeder scheme so we use all royal canin wet food and products like baby milk .

What your kittens will be used to asides to the raw

  1. Royal canin mother and baby mouse we use this ALOT  great for weaning and a great complete brand, and the sashes
  2. Hills kitten
  3. Science plan recovery mouse – we use this as it is high calorie and  alot of  nutrients  and kittens favorite so we do not use it for the intended purpose however it is a great cat food product for kittens – easy to wean as a paste type texture.
  4. Feringa – kitten chicken – complete brand – zooplus-
  5. Wild freedom – complete
  6. COSMA CHICKEN – good quality complimentary.
  7. Applaws – COMPLETE
  8. Gourmet -complementary
  9. Cooked white boiled fish –  good quality but still classed as complimentary unless you added the extra vitamins your self.
  10. We also raise on goats milk which is a nice additional to give your kitten and cat through its life.
  11. White fish and cooked chicken ( not complete  by its self )
  12. Tuna once a week ( no more than once a week )  to be used as a treat or to help with constipation.

One of the hardest parts about cats is there fussiness to food, its a good idea to always have many brands in and do a rotation process to help to stop or to combat this issue, if it is one.

Do not  always use the same food brand they will get board just like humans.


We feed 4 times a day wet food for your kitten and you should always, your kitten is going to be growing every single day, so the food amount will need adjusted to suit your kittens growth and hunger and every kitten will be different, so we recommend putting  always enough down that your kitten is leaving a small amount, so you are not under feeding. Its important to  remember  if your kitten is eating fast or acting hungry they are, cats have high metabolisms and you must meet there body demand, or they will loose condition/weight and health by lack of nutrition, cats eat more than you will realise! kittens are never ending pits, they are not like dogs.

It is dangerous for a kitten to be under fed or  to be going hungry.

Dry food

We use only Royal canin mother and baby professional and queen professional for all our cats.

We use Purina live clear for kittens on request and we are apart of the Purina ethical breeding program and breeder club and we use there Purina kitten dry food.

We are apart of the Royal canin club.

We would never advise just a dry diet or only wet diet – it always needs to be a combo.

Dry also down – cats are grazzes . Cats get a lot of water from wet diet which is important as cats as known for not drinking much .Cats don’t drink a whole lot, because in nature, they get their fluids out of raw meat or prowl food. Dry food that contains lots of grains, soy, wheat and vegetables, is often the cause of kidney or urinary tract infections in your cat.

Dry food should be free fed as an addition to a diet, not as the main food. If you feed dry food only, we highly recommend getting a water fountain for your cat which encourages them to drink more water. Cats have high metabolisms so they eat little but often through the day, which is why we always have dry food out for them. There is now a lot of good quality dry, high protein without grain.

Siberians grow in spurts, meaning there will be times where they eat a lot, when their growth slows down, they will eat less. Keep dry food out 24/7. Cats have a small stomach and a very fast digestive system, and they eat very small bites (10-15 times a day to accommodate that). We feed twice a day, in the morning and around dinner time. Please know that if you choose to use different food than what the kitten is used to, you may encounter vomiting and loose stools.  A change of food should be done gradually in order to let their digestive system adjust.

Helpful tips for food and water

Always make sure your cat has access to clean drinking water at all times. Siberians love water, all cats love moving water. A water fountain keeps the water fresh and circulating, which encourages your cat to drink more water.

Use ceramic or stainless steel food and water bowls.  Believe it or not, a lot of cats get skin problems and acne in their face and on their chest due to the use of cheap plastic bowls