Price is not a reason why we do not spay or neuter; we would edit our prices to reflect this if we could .

However in the north of england 95% of vets will not offer this service for the kittens welfare.

It is strictly 4 months for males and 6 months for females .

No studies suggest the health of the kitten is  at all benefited from going under the operation before 6 months of age.

RSPCA do such  operations as over 80% of kittens and cats will end up  going outdoors,  showing the risk of pregnancy high.

Reputable breeders shouldn’t  have to worry about such issues .

The only benefit to the kittens’ health and breeders is  ensuring the kitten can not be used for back door breeding practices .

Vets across the UK can choose to do such procedures. It is a personal choice  if they want to. 

Over 95% of vets  have the same medical standpoint not to….. including ours and this service isn’t  simply available to us . 

We have also looked into the benefits of not doing early spay or neuter and agree this is the best option for  our kittens health and growth.

You should do your research before committing to buy an animal neutered at such a young age, new evidence backed by UC Davis school of veterinary medicine in the U.S is showing that dogs that have been neutered at an early age affects their long term health, including joint disorders, cancers, urinary incontenence, one would assume that the same could apply to cats likewise.