Unfortunately this is not a service we offer as  our specialised vets and local area do not agree upon early  de sexting for safety  concerns.

We do not believe this is in the best interest of  our kittens also.

Over 95% of UK vets do not offer such services before the age of 6 months for females, and males 4 months, definitely not in the north east of England that  this is available to a breeder/owner even if they wanted to.

This is both weight depending at the earliest at 4 months and 6 months also.

We believe for the safety and health/growth and hormones,  that  we would  choose to wait regardless.

The only reason early de sexting is done by breeders is for back door breeding concerns.

No other health benefit before the age of  6 months applies.

We believe we have protected the Siberian breed  as a whole by having  a up to date UK law contract  against such issues. (back door breeding)

We believe we sell responsibility and early pregnancies should never happen .

Agencies such as  the RSPCA are  forced to do such procedures, regardless to the High  risks implications of early de sexting,  as many cats and kittens become out door only cats and risks  of pregnancy’s are very  high.

Pedigree animals sold from  reputable breeders should never have to consider such issues.

From 4-6 months the risks massively decline to basically nothing,  compared to a 12 week old kitten going upon  such a big operation.

If we  as a cattery could offer such  a service we would edit our prices to reflect this service.

Vets in the UK have a choice, to offer this service and over 95% wont, for there own beliefs this is not in a kittens best interest.

So regardless to our view, or if we wanted to, as a breeder this is not a option for us.

Price is not why we do not offer such a service.

We thrive to achieve and produce the best possible kittens  with health at our top priority.

There are many health and studies online which show that early de sexting has many negative  effects.

early neutering delays closure of the bone growth plates making for a slightly taller catEarly neutered kittens will have a narrowed urethra which will predispose them to urinary blockage. This has not borne out, either. Urethral dimensions in male cats do not vary based on the age at neutering.

Please note early de sexting is classed from 8-12 weeks , not 16 t0 32 weeks.

Please re each your self if you would like to see more on this subject. Check you are reading  the  relevant  information relating to 8-12 weeks not 4 months.